first day of school outfits for 2022

Cute First Day of School Outfit Ideas for 2022

We’ve done all the homework, and these cute first day of school outfits earn the highest marks!

It’s that time of year again and those first day of school outfits set the tone for the rest of the year – the first day is the first impression you know! While everyone is focused on the usual back-to-school items like folders, notebooks, pencils, and pens, you can’t forget those new back-to-school kicks.

So, no matter if you have more freedom in your dress code or you have a uniform policy to work around, rest assured that you can hop into Shoe Carnival and start the year off on the right foot with the cutest styles of 2022!

Look 1: Perfect Platforms

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Hi High-Top Platform Sneakers

Step your look up this year with a trend that will take you to new heights: Platform Sneakers! No matter what your personal style is when you lace into a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Hi High-Top Platform Sneakers is the one of the most perfect first day of school outfits. These sky-high icons will pair effortlessly with everything from denim and dresses, all the way to khakis for those who must comply with a school uniform policy.

Look 2: Casually Cool for School

HEY DUDE Wendy Slip-On Shoes

Welcome to Casual Comfort 101, HEY DUDE Wendy Casual Shoes is your instructor and class is in session! With the Wendy, you can slip in and head to class with all the comfort and casual style you could have ever asked for and because they’re so laid back, these shoes will go with anything you have in your closet. The Wendy is perfect for everyone from college students who just need to make it to class on time to the tween looking to make a go-with-the-flow fashion statement.

Look 3: Classic Crocs

Adults’ Crocs Classic Clogs

Rock the new school year in the hottest trend to date: Crocs! Easily the best revival trend of the decade, there’s just no going wrong with Crocs! First skyrocketing to popularity in 2006, Crocs are definitely a look you don’t want to sleep on this year. The array of colors and patterns of Crocs clogs allow you to choose from nearly infinite pairing possibilities.

Back-to-School Look for Little Girls

Skechers’ S-Lights Remix

We can’t forget the mini fashionistas this back-to-school season and no outfit is complete without a cool new pair of shoes! She’ll rock the halls in a fresh pair of Skechers’ S-Lights Remix paired with all her favorite first day of school outfits. These super cool hi-tops not only boast high fashion, but they also have Skechers’ iconic comfort features, and best of all they light up!

Stand-Out Back-to-School Accessories

Nike Hayward Futura Print Backpack

first day of school outfits nike hayward futura print backpack
Shop here: Nike Hayward Futura Print Backpack

Nothing helps set your style apart quite like some fresh accessories and the best kind of accessory is one that not only looks good but has tons of functionality. For this task, Nike’s Hayward Futura Print Backpack does just the thing! Carry all your essentials from your books and notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and everything else your day may need in one convenient bag.

So, no matter what your look is or if you have to find subtle ways to express yourself, at Shoe Carnival we have the perfect first day of school outfit for your school year ready to unbox! Check out more great looks in the Back-to-School shop or at a Shoe Carnival store near you.

All items in stock as of time of publication. Original publication 7/15/20. Updated 7/21/22.

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