How to Wear Jibbitz

Make your Crocs one-of-a-kind with Jibbitz™ shoe charms!

Be uniquely you and show off your personality with Jibbitz™! Whether you add a solitary accent to your sandals or wear your Crocs clogs fully loaded, you’re sure to make a statement with these mix-and-match wonders!


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How to Install Jibbitz™

Method #1

  1. Squeeze the top of your Crocs together into a loose fold near the desired hole
  2. Slide one side of the Jibbitz™ charm post into the hole
  3. Squish it in the rest of the way until it makes a little popping sound
  4. Release. Your charm should be securely in the hole.
  5. Gently rotate your charm in the desired direction.

Method #2

  1. Angle your Jibbitz™ charm about 45 degrees to the upper surface of your Crocs
  2. Push the charm in at that angle (Don't worry: the Crocs material will gently open as it is very flexible!)
  3. Push downwards so the base of the Jibbitz™ snaps into place with a satisfying little pop
  4. Gently rotate your charm in the desired direction.

How to Remove Jibbitz™

Method #1

  1. Squeeze the top of your Crocs together near the charm into a loose fold
  2. Gently pull the post of the Jibbitz™ charm out of the hole at an angle

Method #2 (the one-step method)

  1. Simply push out the base of the charm an angle from the inside of the shoe

Ways to Accessorize with Jibbitz™

  • #FullyLoaded: More is more! Fill all 26 holes in your favorite Crocs with loads of Jibbitz™ to represent all aspects of what makes you, YOU!
  • Subtle Accent: For a more subdued vibe, add a single Jibbitz™ charm to each clog in a symmetrical placement.  
  • Tell a Story: Use a small grouping of coordinated Jibbitz™ to highlight a single interest or story. For instance, you could wear three bee charms on one sandal and have them flying toward a pair of flower charms on the other sandal. 
  • Button-Hole: Headed somewhere fancy? Try wearing a favorite Jibbitz charm in the small pocket button-hole of a dress shirt for some unexpected whimsy. 

Ready to pop 'em and rock 'em? Shop Jibbitz™ for Crocs, available in a Shoe Carnival store near you. Show us your custom look by tagging @ShoeCarnival and using hashtag #Jibbitz on Instagram. 

Original publication 10/1/2021.

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