Lunge to running success with the top Nike women's running shoes and running shoes for women from other top brands

Best Running Shoes for Women

The shoes you need to get started. Prices your wallet will love.

Whether you’re just embarking on your running journey, or you’re a veteran runner looking to blaze new trails, you’re going to need some fresh gear. Namely: shoes. Nobody wants to invest hundreds of dollars on new running shoes, but it’s an undeniable fact that you will injure yourself if you don’t have proper running footwear.

What’s that? I have to buy new shoes? Oh, no, whatever shall I do…??

And because you deserve it, we’ve compiled a list of the top five running shoes under $100 – cute, stylish, and ready to give you the support you need to sprint toward your goals with both feet looking fabulous.

Best Gym-To-Office Shoe

This shoe has it all – amazing Cloudfoam support, sleek lines, and a soft cloth upper that gives you ultimate comfort. Plus, the easy-to-style minimalist silhouette means this shoe will transition from gym, to office, to errands, without breaking a sweat.

Best Running Shoe for Beginners

This unassuming shoe may look like a basic Nike sneaker, but don’t be fooled. The hidden features in this shoe make it ideal for anyone just getting started in the running game.

Not sure if you want to run on the treadmill or the road? No problem. The rubber outsole gives you durable traction on any surface you choose. The lightweight knit upper provides superior breathability to keep your feet comfortable, and the reinforced heel provided added durability. Plus, it’s Nike, so you know it looks cool.

Best Street Running Shoe

For fartleks and 5Ks, you’re going to need shoes with a little more tech. Variable runs on city streets and neighborhood parks call for the ASICS Gel Venture 7. With a rugged rubber outsole for increased traction on- or off-road, extra cushioning in the heel to increase comfort with each footfall, and a breathable mesh upper and liner to keep your foot cool, you would be hard pressed to find a better shoe for under $100.

Best Trail Running Shoe

If you’re lucky enough to have access to trails to run, you’re going to need shoes with major traction and stability. For off-road cardio, we recommend the Saucony Excursion TR 14. This shoe has a rubber outsole with lugs for increased traction on the trails, thick cushioning midsole for comfort and stability on variable surfaces, and a durable knit mesh with supportive overlays for breathable security. You’ll be ready blaze a new path with Saucony.

Best Shoe for Serious Style

This shoe is the perfect marriage of style and substance. The thick foam midsole provides excellent comfort and style points, while the rubber waffle outsole is a nod to the classic Nike heritage – which, conveniently happens to also give you superior traction on a multitude of surfaces. Plus, the mixed fabric and synthetic uppers hug your foot with lightweight, stretchy support. With these shoes, you’ll look as amazing as you feel when you conquer the road.

Best All-Around Running Shoe

Our final recommendation is the best-in-class Nike Revolution 5 EXT. This shoe is the upgraded version of our pick for first time runners. This shoe really does have it all: a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool, deep flex grooves in the durable rubber outsole let your foot move freely, and a lightweight foam midsole to help you push through that last mile. With this shoe, you truly can’t go wrong.

Why are you still sitting here? Go forth and conquer the road!

All items in stock and prices accurate as of time of publication. Original publication 7/8/20. Updated 2/10/21.

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