Shoe Carnival Customers Raise over $321,000 for Toys For Tots

Shoe Carnival recently sat down with Ted Silvester, Vice President, Marketing & Development for the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation to talk about our recent round-up initiative.

From November 1st to December 31st, Shoe Carnival proudly partnered with Toys For Tots in a round-up at the register campaign. Shoe Carnival customers donated up to the next dollar amount of their purchase total at the register. In the end, customers like you have helped us collect $321,496.01 for this impactful organization. 

Who is Toys For Tots?

“Toys for Tots is the U.S. Marine Corps’ premiere community action program that delivers hope to less fortunate children allowing them to experience the magic of the holidays. Our Marines and volunteers distribute an average of 18 million toys to over 7 million disadvantaged children each year who otherwise might have been forgotten.”

Why Did Shoe Carnival and Toys For Tots partner on this campaign?

“Shoe Carnival’s community service goals align with those that the Marine Corps has been promoting for over 74 years through the Toys for Tots program. It is important for the Marine Corps to support the very communities that give us our servicemembers and was a natural partnership joining forces with Shoe Carnival to assist children in need throughout the U.S.”

What Was the Impact for Toys For Tots from this campaign?

“The support raised by Shoe Carnival allowed Toys for Tots to deliver hope and the magic of the holidays to over 35,000 less fortunate children this year!”

For our customers who didn’t get to take part in the Round-Up or would like to do more, how can they help now?

Known primarily as a Christmastime charity, Toys for Tots supports less fortunate children year-round. We distributed 1 million toys and games to Covid impacted families this past spring and summer. Through the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, we distributed 1 million children’s books to Title I affiliated schools in the spring and fall. Toys for Tots distributed toys and games to 17,000 children of the Afghanistan refugee families who have been granted asylum here in the United States. Shoe Carnival customers can visit to make an online donation to help us expand support to even more disadvantaged children.

Thanks to the support of Shoe Carnival customers, Toys For Tots has been able to help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.

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