What to Wear for Graduation

Graduation is one of the biggest moments of your life – it’s a time to celebrate all your accomplishments and a time to look back at how far you’ve come over the years. Here are our picks for what to wear for graduation.

Of course, you want to look your absolute best and we can help! At Shoe Carnival, there are tons of styles and fits that will go perfectly with whatever you’re wearing under your cap and gown and will keep you looking and feeling on top of the world! .

The Best Flats for Graduation

Soda’s Kreme Flats

Shop Here: Soda’s Kreme Flats

Flats are always a solid choice for any occasion, especially for those moments when there’s lots of walking involved like with graduation for example! For a classic look on your grad day, check out Soda’s Kreme Flats! The Kreme features a smooth and timeless silhouette that goes with everything so you can make a seamless transition from the graduation ceremony to whatever else you have planned after! 

Jellypop’s Bizle Crochet Flats

Shop Here: Jellypop’s Bizle Crochet Flats

If you’re looking for a more delicate touch to your outfit, then may we suggest Jellypop’s Bizle Crochet Flats? These little flats would add the perfect amount of a delicate, feminine touch to anything you pair them with.  

The Perfect Heels for Graduation

Y-Not Cake Heeled Sandals

Shop Here: Y-Not Cake Heeled Sandals

If you want to make more of a statement on your grad day, we hear you. One of our favorites for graduation season is the Y-Not Cake Heeled Sandals! These fun heels feature a classic silhouette and a chunky, easy-to-walk in 2 ¾-inch block heel – perfect for that big walk across the stage!

Y-Not Slope Dress Sandals

Shop Here: Y-Not Slope Dress Sandals

Another favorite of ours is the Y-Not Slope Dress Sandals! With a similar design and vibe to the Cake, the Slope features a platform and a chunky 3 ¾-inch block heel that will add the perfect boost to your day.

The Top Wedges for Graduation

Soda’s Bryce Platform Sandals

Shop Here: Soda’s Bryce Platform Sandals

Looking for some extra height without wondering, “will I be able to walk in these?” then you may be looking for a pair of wedges! Soda’s Bryce Platform Sandals have the added lift with a 2 ¼ -inch wedge heel and an adjustable buckle ankle strap to ensure you stand tall and proud during your big day. 

Soda’s Topic Platform Sandals

Shop Here: Soda’s Topic Platform Sandals

Another excellent choice for what to wear for graduation would be Soda’s Topic Platform Sandals! Crafted with a similar design to the Bryce, these wedges also feature a 2 ¼ -inch wedge heel and an adjustable buckle ankle strap, but with just a little more toe coverage. 

The Best Sandals for Graduation

Jellypop Elvie Gladiator

Shop Here: Jellypop Elvie Gladiator

If sandals are more of your vibe, then the Jellypop Elvie Gladiator Sandals are a perfect fit for you. Designed with eye-catching rhinestones and delicate-looking chain details, these sandals would be a perfect touch for your graduation look! 

Madden Girl’s Teddy Footbed Sandals

Shop Here: Madden Girl’s Teddy Footbed Sandals

More of a casual person? Well, then Madden Girl’s Teddy Footbed Sandals are right up your alley! These easy-to-wear, easy to style, and super easy to love sandals will take you from the graduation stage to your after-party with ease and comfort in every step! And you know what’s even better? These sandals are the perfect pairing for all your other outfits for the whole summer – talk about two birds with one stone!

The Top Glam Looks for Graduation

American Glamour Badgley Xandra Special Occasion Shoes

Shop Here: American Glamour Badgley Xandra Special Occasion Shoes

Give them the ol’ razzle-dazzle when you walk across the stage in the American Glamour Badgley Xandra Special Occasion Shoes! Designed with a glitzy upper, an easy-to-walk in 3 ¼ -inch heel, and an adjustable ankle strap that adds an element of security to your step, these little numbers will be the perfect choice for your graduation outfit. 

Touch Of Nina Rami Special Occasion Shoes

Shop Here: Touch Of Nina Rami Special Occasion Shoes

All eyes will be on you the moment you set foot on that stage, so why not dazzle them, and show them that not all that glitters is gold, sometimes it’s just you! With a pair of the Touch Of Nina Rami Special Occasion Shoes, you’ll sparkle and shine with every step, and with its 4-inch heel and glamorous design, you’ll for sure feel on top of the world!

The Best Casual Styles for Graduation

Soda’s Hike Platform Sneakers

Shop Here: Soda’s Hike Platform Sneakers

If you’re not that into getting super dressed up, no worries – we have you covered! Slip into a pair of Soda’s Hike Platform Sneakers and enjoy the casual comfort and style for the whole day. 

B.O.C. Natasha Clogs

Shop Here: B.O.C. Natasha Clogs

For a casual look that isn’t too casual, the B.O.C. Natasha Clogs are the perfect fit. Designed with a classic look and a chunky 3-inch block heel, these clogs will give you the height and casual comfort you’re looking for on grad day!

The Top Graduation Styles for Him

Madden Alk Dress Shoes

Shop Here: Madden Alk Dress Shoes

The ladies can’t have all the fun with styling the perfect graduation look! For the guy who wants to look as sharp as his wit, the Madden Alk Dress Shoes are the perfect fit. Crafted with a smooth synthetic upper and classy brogue detailing these dress shoes will have him beaming with every step.

HEY DUDE’s Wally Canvas Casual Shoes


Shop Here: HEY DUDE’s Wally Canvas Casual Shoes

Now, for the guy who will forever prioritize comfort, but still wants to look nice then HEY DUDE’s Wally Canvas Casual Shoes are it! Lightweight and comfortable, these canvas casuals would go effortlessly with a pair of khakis and a nice shirt – not too dressed up to the point where he’s uncomfortable, but they keep him looking fly as ever!

No matter what your style, your vibe, or whatever look you’re going for on your big day to cross the stage, you can find the perfect match for your graduation day at Shoe Carnival! 

All items in stock as of time of publication. Published April 29, 2022.